I want to buy your Comics and Sports Cards - $500 (Eau Claire)

Hello Everyone,

I have been buying and selling Sports Cards and Comics as a Hobby for 35 years. I enjoy the hobby and like to meet all the different people and see what they have for sale.

I am looking to buy all your comics books and related items.

I can and will pay you more then any comic book store can pay you for the simple reason I have no overhead. They need to pay rent, utilities, employees, and so on so they will offer you a very low amount to make sure they make money after they pay all their expenses.

I do not have any of those expenses. I also do not do this for a living which means paying my rent and food bills are not determined by how much you sell me the comic books for. If I buy them or not will have no impact on the rest of my finances.

With that said like everyone on here I am looking for a deal. If you say it is going for $300 on Ebay give me $300 I am going to pass as I want a deal just like everyone on here. I will pay more then the comic book stores but I will give you less then Ebay. The answer I always got when I was selling was if you want to get Ebay prices then just sell your book on Ebay.

The final reason you should sell to me is I pay CASH. This may not seem like a big deal but it is now that the law changed and ANY electronic payment that adds up to over $600 for the YEAR will get an IRS form and you will pay taxes. So if someone Venmos you $1000 for your comics you have to pay taxes so it is like they gave you $800.

Cash is king.

Let me know what you have for sale.

I also buy old toys like transformers, star wars, gi joe, magic the gathering cards, old trading cards or anything that may be collectible.


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