*NEEDS FRETWORK* PRS SE 'Pauls Guitar' - $500 (Eau Claire)

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make / manufacturer: PRS
model name / number: Pauls Guitar
PRS SE 'Paul's Guitar'

Basically I'm an idiot:
The guitar had what I think is called "fret sprout" at the 14th and 15th fret when I purchased it. Essentially, a couple of the frets were popping out/not seated properly, making them just a little higher than the other frets, causing fret buzz. I think the previous owner must have let the fretboard get dried out causing the fretboard to shrink making the frets pop out. That, or the fret just was never seated and glued properly in the first place.

I made it 10x worse by pretending to be a luthier and trying to fix it myself. I tried to pound them in with a rubber mallet and a flathead screwdriver with a thick towel underneath which actually worked to push the frets in, but then they just popped right back out. So then I read in online forums that you can use the tiniest bit of super glue to keep the frets in place but the glue flowed way faster than I anticipated, and I got glue all over the fretboard! So, while I was cleaning the glue up, the frets weren't getting pounded back in and then the glue dried. So the frets are now glued in that "high position." And (probably) won't go back down until someone can get the super glue out. Also the fret got pretty dented and beat up from me not being careful enough with the flathead so no vibrato on that fret I guess (at least on the high strings). YIKES I'm an idiot I know!

I forgot to take closer pictures of the damages but if you'd like to see let me know and I can take more pictures.

It definitely needs somebody who knows what they're doing.

Other stuff:
-Has TWO coil tap switches if you want to switch to a single coil sound
-2019 Model
-Nice PRS stoptail bridge
-3 piece mahogany neck, maple top, I THINK the fretboard is rosewood but it may have been ebony (dont remember)
-will include the PRS gigbag

I posted for 500 but would most likely go much lower. I may still take it to a luthier and see what the repairs would actually cost. 500 is the MOST I would charge.

I prefer texting:715- 33eight -nineSeven33

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