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Out-of-Body Experience Consultation

Unlock the secrets of out-of-body experiences with our comprehensive and personalized guidance. Explore new dimensions, enhance your consciousness, and embark on incredible journeys with our expert support.

Introduction to Out-of-Body Experiences

What is an OBE?:

Definition: An out-of-body experience is a phenomenon where an individual perceives the world from a location outside their physical body.
Objective: To provide clients with the knowledge and techniques to induce an OBE safely and effectively.


Materials Needed:

Audio Files: Provide access to the Cristo Technique and other relevant audio guides (e.g., Shaman Technique, Energy Body Technique, Rope Technique).
Books: Recommend foundational books like "Adventures Beyond the Body" by William Buhlman and "Journeys Out of the Body" by Robert Monroe.
Headphones: Ensure clients have high-quality, wireless headphones for an immersive experience.
Journal: Encourage clients to maintain a journal to document their experiences and progress.


Find a quiet, safe place where they will not be disturbed for at least 45 minutes.
Ensure the environment is comfortable, with minimal distractions.

Techniques and Methods

Christo Technique:

Relaxation: Begin with a foot massage to help the body relax, then move to a vigorous forehead massage to focus the senses.
Visualization: Guide the client through visualization exercises, such as picturing a house door and building a detailed environment.
Lucid Dreaming: Encourage the practice of lucid dreaming as a precursor to OBEs, where the individual is aware they are dreaming.

Additional Techniques:

Rope Technique: Visualize climbing a rope to lift out of the body.
Energy Body Technique: Focus on the sensation of energy moving through the body.
Shaman Technique: Use rhythmic sounds and breathing to enter an altered state.

Auditory Guidance:

Use audio files from the Monroe Institute and other sources to provide auditory stimulation and guidance.
Encourage the use of specific mantras like "Awareness now!" and "Higher Self now!" to direct the experience.

Phases of Experience

Initial Sessions (1-7): Sensations like limb movement, heaviness, and inner falling.
Intermediate Sessions (8-20): Feelings of lifting off, spinning, and buzzing.
Advanced Sessions (21-45): Floating above the body, observing stars, and experiencing interconnectedness.

Independent Listening and Consultation

Independent Listening: Clients will independently listen to the audio files and practice the techniques as instructed.

Journal Keeping: Clients should note their sensations, feelings, and any experiences of separation from the body in their journal.

Consultation: Schedule regular consultations via Discord video chats to discuss progress, address questions, and provide personalized guidance.

Initial Consultation: Discuss expectations, explain techniques, and provide materials.
Follow-up Consultations: Review journal entries, analyze experiences, and offer further advice.

Safety and Ethics

Emotional Readiness: Ensure clients are emotionally prepared and understand the potential intensity of the experiences.

Ethical Considerations: Respect clients’ personal boundaries and ensure all guidance is consensual and non-intrusive.

Pricing Model
Service Price
Initial Consultation $100
Follow-up Consultation $50 per session
Basic Package $150/month (4 follow-up consultations and email support)
Premium Package $275/month (8 follow-up consultations, email support, and access to exclusive materials)
Virtual Retreats $500 (weekend intensive program with multiple audio sessions and group discussions via Discord)

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