Boer Goats - $400 (Alma Center)

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These are some migty fine goats that would make a great starting heard! The Tiger dapple buck is the son of the buck in the first picture. His name is Hercules and got his name for a reason! His dad is also a beast but was a late bloomer and his genes or some of the best you’ll find for a goat so cheap! The Doe (Val is her name) is also a easy goat to handle just like the buck and with a few of there favorite treats they’ll be the best friend you could ever ask for in seconds! The third goat is named Eli and is the cutest thing ever and would be perfect to go for a nice home but can always sell him if Hercules don’t need a bud anymore this group of goats also comes with 150 dollars of goat supplies I also have papers for these goats (not registered) because I’ve had these goats ever since they were born. These goats are very easy to handle for Eli he isn’t full blood and is also a weather and is little tuff to handle but with a treat in your hand he would be no problem! If you want anymore information on these goats just send me a text and I could get right back to you 71five-533-5two80

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