Cat - $100

I am looking to rehome my cat named Jupiter. I love this boy so much. I’m moving and with everything going on I am not able to give him the attention he needs.

He is about to be 2 years old in June. I have had him for a year and a half. He’s about 13 or 14 pounds. He is a very long boy. He loves to play and cuddle... a lot! He loves to play with yarn and toys. He greets me at the door everyday when I get home from work and wants to climb up and sit on my shoulder for a few minutes. He’s litter trained. He is up to date on all except one shot, I can’t remember the exact name but I will let you know if you are interested.

One thing about Jupiter is sometimes when I have been gone all day and don’t have time to play with him when I get home, he sometimes will hunt my leg and has scratched me pretty good. The other thing is, he is not afraid to bite if you do something he doesn’t like, such as holding him still and clipping his nails or rubbing his tummy too aggressively. I have tried many things to try and stop these habits and I don’t know what else to do as I don’t have the time to work with him on it. I think he would benefit from having another cat to play with, but I don’t know for sure because he has never been with another cat before.

Some more positive things about Jupiter is that he really loves attention and is pretty good about being social when my family and friends are around, and he will cuddle on most people. He likes to go on short walks in the yard and will eat grass, which it turns out is good for their digestive system according to the internet. He is amazing traveling in the car, and will sit quietly in his carrier over long drives. He had also flown on a plane and was so good, he made it there and back and barely made a sound the whole flight! He LOVES to sit by the window and watch bunnies, birds and squirrels too!

I want to make sure he goes to a good home. If possible I would like to stay in contact as well once in a while to see how he is doing. I will also provide his carrier, $50ish worth of cat food (dry big bag and wet food some cans of science diet and purina pro plan), his litter box (scoop, mat, and box), some of his favorite toys, cat leash and harness, and treats.

Please message me if you are interested. I’m located in Eau Claire but will be moving May 19th.

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