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With sadness I am listing the rs6 again after a few years,,, below is the ad from 2 years ago and although I had some nice offers decided to keep the audi..yesterday while driving back from town I noticed a sound.. as I paid closer attention to it it seemed like a lifter tick perhaps.. started it today and it sounded great but after a lil bit i noticed the tick again so I am assuming I may have a collapsed lifter... the car does run fine and drive great but I wont drive it with the sound..I have another i can drive for now....In the meantime I decided to see if anyone is interested in taking it off my hands before I have it gone over... beyond everything listed below I did put in a brand new front steering rack about a year ago perhaps a lil more... all this said I am going to accept offers and I am willing to cut the price enough to make it worth the time... these are rare cars... and scary fast... awd is awesome in the winter and I have aftermarket stereo w subs n amp as well as the factory bose system..its not perfect but it is awesome and well worth addressing the little issues....Im looking for cash or trade in the 6k range... could get that easily just for some of the parts but its too well set up to just not drive ..short distance shouldnt be an issue but personally I wouldnt drive it a lot before taking care of the tick.. also all new brake pads last year as well.. and currently has some very nice snow tires on it but i do have some others ill toss in for summer..anyway the very least id consider is 6ish or equivalent trade...I will fix it if I dont sell or trade it..its a complete experience to drive it and the twin turbos sound great as they spool..ill miss it
Below is the ad i had up before and everything still applies although I probably have 219k on it now roughly call or text to show contact info and i can send pics which ill get on here soon... thank you and have a nice day...sorry its a long read..but some things are worth explaining..

Good mornin... I have for sale or possible trade an extremely nice 2003 Audi RS6, just turned 200k miles,Twin Turbo V-8 500+++ hp everything that has ever went wrong has been addressed immediately by certified audi mechs and I have most paperwork to back this up.. along with nearly 25k if not a few dollars more of receipts for repairs and upgrades performed within the last 20k miles... this car is EXTREMELY FAST... even stock they were faster than the amg or m5 and outperformed them in every way.... this isnt stock..First off it is ecu tuned with the receipt to prove it ..next is the aftermarket APIKOL intake system which is installed..I DO have the original air cleaner and ram tubes ..everything to make it original ...currently it has to be near 600 hp...awd .. rims have been professionally refinished, Factory Bose speakers aftermarket receiver with bluetooth, phone,syrius, etc, sounds quite amazing , rare carbon fiber trim option, paddle shifters, auto/man mode, AWD, moonroof, rear heated seats, way too many options to list and trades would need to be in my favor if it isnt something equally appealing to me.... never know till you ask I guess..thanks for taking the time to read this novel but its worth the read I think..especially to the right person..call or text to show contact info for any questions, pics offers..Have a safe weekend

replaced/repaired/upgraded parts within the last 20k miles include:
rear diff
trans seals
torque converter
drive shafts all 4 wheel bearings etc
engine gaskets
aux water pump
ecu AND tune
timing set including belt
and a whole bunch of other stuff..way too much to list..receipts for everything mentioned and many more not mentioned... if interested in trading one with higher than average miles dont hesitate to shoot me an offer as long as it has been maintained Im open ...thank you for your time

Again ... its worth it in so many ways...
*** started the audi today to let my son hear the tick and it went away.. its pretty certainly either a sticking lifter or loose rocker but the sound when its there is in the drivers side head on the top like its tapping on the valve cover but it isnt constant.. rattley at times ...IDK .. brother suggested marvel mystery oil but Ive never put any of that in here and dont want too.. had a bad experience with that stuff once on a bmw.. probably a fairly simple repair if someone has the tools and know how**

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