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How do libtards explain this??? (eau claire aera)

Clinton LIES ! DELUSIONAL at BEST ! (maple grove) pic

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Donald map

re: Donald Trump plays with himself (Minnesota) (min > Anoka) pic map

Donald Trump plays with himself (min > Minnesota) map

Donald Trump Plays with himself map

Puppet robot pic map

__________________HILLARY IN PRISON 2016!!!!!___________________ map

Need Sanctions lifed?? Make a donation to Clinton Foundation!! (min > Hillary accepted MILLIONS in BRIBES!!) map

RE: socialism lesson map

Hillary is just a horrible human being (min > Total dishonest LIAR) map

Hillary: a Lifetime of Scandals and Corruption (min > Big Money Washington Corruption) map

CORRUPTION IN THE DEMOCRAT PRIMARY? OH YOU BET! (min > inver grove heights) pic map

Marco Roboto (min > LIVE) pic map

Here is a real American Criminal (min > maple grove) pic map

CLINTON IS DELUSIONAL and LIES ! (min > maple grove) pic map

Bernie Sanders - the bum who wants your money pic map

Newly Released Documents Prove That Hillary Sent And Received Classifi (min > minn/st paul) pic map

Socialism lesson (min > note: college students) pic map

Democrats have LOST 900 state Legislature seats since Obamas in Office (min > Democrats OUT of TOUCH w Mainstreet USA) map

Over 100 FBI agents curently investigating Hillary Clinton (min > Really? Thats your candidate??) map

Only 1 Candidate is under a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION right now (min > Corrupt Liar Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) map

More Clinton bribe pay offs showing up (min > Donations for Access) map

Under Obama Democrats LOST 13 Senate seats (min > Thank Radical Lefist obama) map

Since Obama took office, Democrats lost 69 House Seats (min > The worst Presidednt ever) map

Democrats have lost 14 Governor seats since Obama took office (min > The Worst President ever!) map

Let The People Vote (min > st paul) map

It just about classified info (min > typical of a liberal) map

RE; Tonight the beginning of the end pic map

the three presidents did what (min > U,S,OF A) map

WANA WATCH A VIDEO Dayton you move (min > somalionapolis) map

government spend billions on refugees and our vets get shit (min > U,S,OF A) map

re: paragraph douchebacary guy ! (min > Minnesota) map

re: re: socialism, Sanders, paragraph (min > manly manville) map

Trump Supporters Welcome (min > Mn) pic map

re: socialism, Sanders, paragraph guy (min > Minnesota) map

Wisdom to obama on 4.1 Trillion budget (min > and deficit and debt) map

re: re: Sander's democratic socialism (min > so sorry) pic map

I just don't trust hillary map

re: Sander's democratic socialism (min > paragraph) map

Sander's democratic socialism (min > "free" stuff) pic map

Venezuela Is Socialist, Senator Sanders. Any Questions? (min > all you college kids too!) pic map

What's it like living in this state (min > minn) pic map

INTERNSHIP for Political Startup (min > Washington/Ramsey County) map

HIllarys husband accused of sexual assault over 20 times (min > Hillary champions women???????) map

10 democrats, ZERO HILLARY ACCOMPLISHMENTS (min > Lmao! Total joke candidate!!) map

awww buttercup (min > Minnesota) map

Hey Buttercup map

tax breaks (min > Minnesota) map

buttercup map

Republicans tax breaks for the wealthy map

buttercup (min > Minnesota) map

Equal pay for women map

Obama Added MORE new Debt Than ALL Republican President Combined!! (min > 10 trillion Obama Debt. Most EVER!!) map

Hillary is so DISHONEST map

FBI Expands Investigation on Hillary & her "Public Corruption" (min > Feel the Burn) map

Hillarys Husband is the REAL war on Women (min > Rape, violence, Assault, Forcing himself) map

10 democrats, ZERO HILLARY ACCOMPLISHMENTS (min > Lmao! Total joke candidate!!) map

Buttercup map

re: buttercup (min > Minnesota) map

Hate to break it to you Buttercup map

Campaign Interns Needed (min > Saint Paul) map

re, re, really :war mongers (min > Minnesota) map

Every one should be in a Union map

it's war mongers, not mongars. (min > Minnesota) map

There Should Be No Minimum Wage! map

War mongars map

war mongers, repubs? (min > Minnesota) map

re: government funds illegal wars (min > Minnesota) map

Gov. Spends Trillions on 2 Illegal Wars map


Minimum Wage map

re: minimum wage (min > all over) map

Minimun wage responce map

re: minimum wage (min > all over) map

Minimum Wage map

Minimum wage (min > pipestone) map

Republicans or Corporation party or Koch patry map

RE Clinton Rapes: Real names, Real accusations (min > Millions paid to Victims) map

Hillary & Bill no facts on lying or rape map

Obama: Most Debt in USA HISTORY (min > Fact) map

HIllarys husband accused of sexual assault over 20 times (min > Hillary champions women???????) map

voting map

President Bernie Sanders! Feel the Bern!! (min > Stillwater) map

GE move map

GE's move because of high taxes (min > will happen in Minnesota) map

Hillary for America 100% map

Real true on whos lining their pockets map

GOP eyes Obama care map

E- mails map

Unemployment map

Democrat hero Bill Clinton: Disbarred Disgraced Impeached Rapist (min > Accused of Sex Assault 22 times) map

What is it that anti-american socialist trash love about the usa again map

unemployment rate (min > hennepin) map

GOP Presidential Hopefuls: a woman, an African American, and 2 Latinos (min > Those racist sexist bastards!!!) map

Remember when Hillary......................... (min > USA) map

HIllarys husband accused of sexual assault over 20 times (min > Hillary champions women???????) map


re: god this is fun (min > for a teacon) map

re: god this is fun (min > all over) map

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